Video Super-resolution IVVideoSR

Video super-resolution technology based on artificial intelligence supports the real-time conversion of videos from low to high resolution and supports various video codecs, providing high-quality video services and enhancing the visual experience.

Highlights and Parameters

在智能移动终端上实时重建高清视频 在智能移动终端上实时重建高清视频

Real-time reconstruction of high-quality videos on mobile

可有效压缩视频至少50%体积不影响视频清晰度 可有效压缩视频至少50%体积不影响视频清晰度

Provide an additional 50% compression of video while maintaining similar visual quality

兼容主流的视频编解码方式可扩展性强%的图片体积 兼容主流的视频编解码方式可扩展性强%的图片体积

Compatible with mainstream video codecs

SDK Performance iOS System Android System
Upscaling factors 2-3times 2-3times
Video codec Support H.264 and other mainstream codecs Support H.264 and other mainstream codecs
Video package format Support MP4, flv, etc. Support MP4, flv, etc.
Streaming media transmission protocol RTMP, HLS, etc. RTMP, HLS, etc.