Smart bamboo strip separation robot

  • "Smart Hand" intelligent bamboo sliver sorting robot is a fully automated intelligent bamboo sliver sorting equipment built by Emperor Vision Technology. It is developed for the automation and intelligent upgrading of domestic bamboo products processing industry.
  • Through artificial intelligence technology, digital image analysis technology and automation technology, the bamboo sliver sorting quality has been significantly improved, the production efficiency has been greatly improved, the recognition accuracy rate has reached more than 95%, and the technology has reached the advanced level of the industry.
  • The system integrates lean production management system and self-diagnosis system, and can make decision analysis and management on production site scientifically and intelligently.

Product advantage


Flexible and efficient structure design

  • Around all sides shooting, intelligent recognition without dead angle
  • Maximum support for sorting 50 bamboo strips per minute(1 meter long)
  • Automatic adjustable manipulator to support bamboo strips of any length between 1 and 2 meters
  • Multi-angle vacuum system to ensure perfect imaging environment


Adaptive color selection algorithm

  • With the help of machine autonomous learning technology, it can meet the needs of color sorting of different manufacturers with different qualities.
  • Support a variety of color sorting modes: tricolor (dark, medium, light, extra light) and optional mode.
  • Supporting Side Press Plate, Flat Press Plate and Anchorage


Bamboo Strip Defect Recognition Technology

  • Based on the industry's leading artificial intelligence image recognition technology, the correct rate of sorting bad bamboo strips is not less than 99%, and the rate of overchecking good bamboo strips is not less than 3%.
  • It covers a wide range of defects, including more than ten categories, such as cracks, edge gaps, wormholes, bamboo green, flat yellow, concave yellow, mildew spots, inner carbon, black knots, scars, over-wide, over-narrow, tiled, etc.
  • Users can customize sorting benchmark and control product quality flexibly.


Intelligent Production Management System

  • One-click production report generation, production data at a glance
  • Automatic diagnosis system, easy to locate and troubleshoot equipment failure
  • Real-time Quality Monitoring System to Assist Customers in Quality Management
  • Helping customers make scientific decisions