About Imperial Vision Technology

Imperial Vision Technology is an AI-based computer vision company which aims at development of leading machine learning techniques to solve various computer vision problems. The company was founded in November 2016 and headquartered in Fuzhou, China. Imperial Vision Technology uses machine learning techniques to perform deep compression of images and videos so that it can offer an efficient and low-cost solution for image and video delivery. In addition, the quality of images and videos can be enhanced using our products and high-quality images and videos are provided for users. Our products can be used in many fields including video live streaming platforms, online video platforms, news app, social network, E-commerce app, game, film, and embedded terminals such as surveillance cameras, smart TV, IPTV settop box and so on.  The company has acquired an angel investment, and also acquired Fuzhou Excellent Youth Medal 、 Annual Excellent Starup Award、the top 5 of Nvidia Inception Awards China, the runner-up of China CTIC issued by Netease in 2017. 

Vision: Enjoy higher-quality video services at lower cost, build a new era of HD multimedia, and establish an intelligent society with you.

Team Members

Dr. Qinquan Gao

Co-founder and CEO

Ph.D. of computer science at Imperial College London and Research Assistant in the Machine Learning and Neuroimaging Lab at University College London

Expert in image processing, China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award winner, the first prize in China and the second prize globally in College Students Contest in Mathematical Modeling, the second prize in the National Robot Contest in China

Published more than 20 research papers, more than 20 patents and Copyrights of Computer Software

Rich experience in IT listed companies, continuous IT entrepreneurs, founder of the Xiamen University Alumni Association (UK)

The Leading Entrepreneurial and Innovate Talents Award in Fujian, China

Dr. Tong Tong

Co-founder and CTO

Ph.D. of computer science at Imperial College London and Research Fellow in Harvard University

Expert in Image Processing and medical image analysis, more than 10 years of research experience in image processing and computer vision

Published more than 40 papers, more than 10 patents and Copyrights of Computer Software, reviewer of more than a dozen international journals

Entrepreneurial experience of an international start-up company, participated in a number of national and international major research projects

The Leading Entrepreneurial and Innovate Talents Award in Fujian, China

Mr. Wen Li


MBA at Japan SBI University

Senior VC investors, with rich experience in investment and financing

Worked in Softbank Investment Group, participated in the investment and management in several large projects which is invested by Softbank in China, such as Alibaba, Renren Tech, Ku6 Tech, Taikang Life Insurance, Tian’an Insurance, and was responsible for the fund establishing and management of Softbank Investment Group in China.

Mr. Xiejie Liu

Marketing Director

Master of Automation at Sun Yat-sen University

Worked in ZTE, OPPO, Star-net and other IT listed companies as a marketing manager and product manager, 6-years experience in marketing and product promotion, more than 3-years overseas working experience

Achieved mobile phone monthly sales from 0 to 30 thousand in 7 months in Philippines

Mr. Wenjie Huang

Product Director

Master of Automation at Xiamen University

More than 8-years experience in project management and design of high performance embedded software and hardware products

Worked in Start Net Company, as the R & D team leader and project manage of a number of key project, including MPLS-TE power grid renovation project and the national support of tens of millions of routing in high performance routers and so on; Rich entrepreneurial experience

Mr. JianHua Wu

Sales Director

Computer Major Undergraduate of Fujian Normal University

Senior professional managers with rich experience in market development and sales

He has worked for IT listed companies such as Sanyuanda Communications and Beijing Yuyuan Datong, and served as the general supervisor and regional director of the branch. He has 15 years of experience in marketing and sales promotion, and has achieved remarkable results.

Mr.Ming Luo

Vice General Manager

Master of automation of Xiamen University ,High-level talents of Fujian Province

8 years global work experience in Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. Served as senior engineer and chief engineer of MBB

More than 7 years of experience in global marketing and project management, he has participated in and taken charge of Huawei's national projects more than 10 times. With the amount of management projects exceeding US $1 billion, working experience over 18 countries

Mr.YuHui Lin

R&D Director

Master of computer science, Lanzhou University

Audio and video codec, image processing experts, with rich experience in product development and management

Worked in listed companies such as ROCKCHIP microelectronics, responsible for audio and video architecture design, codec optimization, etc. He has participated in major projects such as operators' centralized purchase, radio and television centralized purchase, etc.

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To the new members of company:
We are young and fearless, we have dreams and wisdom
If you are one of us
Believing that artificial intelligence is changing the world
Understanding the algorithm research and development
Being good at social media and communication
Pursuing perfection and high execution
Then we can get together and do something we love

Join us, we will commit ourselves to build a smart era.

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Xiamen:Room 322, Level 3, Building B03, Chengyi North Street, Software Park 3, Xiamen, Fujian, China

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