Core Product

Image Super-resolution

High-quality images can be created from low-resolution ones in real-time using our image super-resolution technology based on artificial intelligence. The reconstructed images are enhanced with rich high-frequency details. Our product- IVImageSR has achieved state-of-the-art super-resolution results.

Video Quality Enhancement

Video super-resolution technology based on artificial intelligence supports the real-time conversion from low resolution videos to high-quality ones, providing HD video services and enhancing the visual experience.

Face Hallucination

Face hallucination technology based on artificial intelligence can reconstruct high-resolution facial images or videos from low-resolution inputs, thus providing richer information for face recognition. This can improve the accuracy of face recognition, especially under the circumstances of long-distance surveillance.

About Us

Imperial Vision Technology is an AI-based computer vision company which aims at development of leading machine learning techniques to solve various computer vision problems. The company was founded in November 2016 and headquartered in Fuzhou, China. Imperial Vision Technology uses machine learning techniques to perform deep compression of images and videos so that it can offer an efficient and low-cost solution for image and video delivery. In addition, the quality of images and videos can be enhanced using our products and high-quality images and videos are provided for users. Our products can be used in many fields including video live streaming platforms, online video platforms, news app, social network, E-commerce app, game, film, and embedded terminals such as surveillance cameras, smart TV, IPTV SetTop Box and so on. The company has acquired an angel investment, and also acquired Fuzhou Excellent Youth Medal and Annual Excellent Starup Award in 2017.